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Why register as a seller / vendor with us?

  1. Simple and business – friendly environment
  2. Low one-time setup cost
  3. Industry lowest commission. YOU earn more profits.
  4. Onboarding support, Vendor dashboard for insights, and more
  5. Huge opportunity to grow
  6. Dedicated support for vendors

How to register as a seller/vendor?

  1. Visit and click on “Register”
  2. Fill out the simple new vendor registration form with your (10 – 20 mts)
  3. Contact details like Name, Designation, Active Mobile & WhatsApp Number, working email Address
  4. Business details like Trade Name, Communication Address, Bank details – Bank name, Account Number, IFSC Code (cancelled cheque on your business name needs to be uploaded) and an active GSTIN (Certificate to be uploaded)
  5. Pay the non-refundable one-time setup fee of Rs.11,800/- (Eleven Thousand Eight Hundred Only) (includes 18% GST)
  6. Please re-verify all the details provided before the final submission.
  7. On submission, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
  8. Our vendor enrolment team will contact you to review your application and will either approve or disapprove your registration.
  9. If your registration is approved, your login credentials to access your online store will be shared on email, SMS and WhatsApp within 24 hours. Please ensure you share the correct details at the time of registration. Don’t share your login credentials with anyone. Please contact our dedicated vendor helpline in case you don’t receive your login credentials. You can now login to your online store and start creating product listing. What is a product listing? A product listing is the process of registering your product, and making it available to customers to view and purchase. Creating a detailed product page that has crucial information such as title, description, images, pricing, and other important information. A good listing attracts buyers and helps improve the sale of your product.
  10. Depending on the product category, number of products, description, the approval for your products to go live will take 24-72 hours.
  11. Once your store goes live, relax and start receiving orders
  12. We ensure a hassle-free delivery of your products
  13. In case your registration is not approved, our vendor enrolment team will contact you within 24-48 hours.
  14. To understand the vendor enrolment process in detail, please download our Vendor Enrolment Kit.
  15. We don’t store the orders in any warehouse. Shipping products securely and on time to customers is our priority.
    1. Seller will pack the products neatly before pick-up
    2. The seller will schedule the pick-up
    3. A delivery agent will pick up the product from the registered address
    4. Shipping costs will depend
    5. Track your product
    6. Extend support to customers on returns
  16. Seller payments – Seller will get their payment minus the commission, 7 days from the date of delivery of the product, enabling you to focus more on managing & growing your business. Payment will be on hold if bank details provided are incorrect. All details will be available on the Seller dashboard.

Please note that Trendz reserves the right to review, amend and/or modify the one-time setup fee and/or the commission charged.

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